Our materials

A fine selection of the healthiest and most natural materials

Man is an integral part of Nature, he must evolve and respect his own natural environment in order to live in a healthy and sustainable way. To ensure this balance, our experts have made the choice for many years to favour natural materials in the design of our products.

Pure cotton pocket springs

Since the creation of the first spring mattress in 1870, this type of suspension continues to evolve.

Today, our experts have selected the most advanced suspension: fully independent high-quality steel springs individually wrapped in organic cotton bags. This technology provides ergonomic body support and perfect sleeping independence. It also guarantees a very good thermal regulation thanks to an optimal ventilation. Combined with thick natural fillings, the welcome and comfort are thus sublimated.

For the most beautiful of nights!

Sheep’s wool

Being one of the oldest natural resources in Europe, wool has always protected humans from heat, humidity and cold.

Wool acts as a natural air conditioner thanks to its thermo and hydro-regulating properties. Wool has exceptional moisture regulation and transfer properties, being able to absorb and then evacuate up to 30% of its weight. This natural air conditioning keeps the body at rest in ideal thermal comfort.
It is moreover an anti-allergenic material that prevents from skin or respiratory allergies. Wool, a noble material par excellence, is therefore naturally a major constituent.

For healthier nights!

Memopur® memory foam

Unique visco-elastic material that promotes body support during sleep.

The memory foam gradually adapts to your body like a mold, reducing all pressure on sensitive areas. It perfectly respects the anatomy of each individual. With a very high density, 80 kg / m3, Mémopur® ensures dynamic comfort, combined with excellent support for the spine. In order to further optimize the ventilation of the mattress, vertical perforations have been made on Mémopur®, making it technically breathable.

For nights in airiness!

Compressed horsehair

This natural fiber is very resistant by nature and has exceptional air-conditioning properties.

Horsehair is carefully prepared and compressed. This hollow fiber absorbs moisture, ensuring a very healthy climate environment for the mattress.
It is used as a natural binder between different materials. It thus provides excellent support for the mattress core and perfect ventilated support in contact with the box spring.

For pleasant nights!

High resilience foam

Reliable, resistant and hypoallergenic base.

The high resilience foam is made from so-called cold foam: it is compressed in order to expel air bubbles. This technique gives the foam greater elasticity. It resists better to the tests of time and has hypoallergenic qualities. Bonnet uses high resilience foam only as a support base in the NAOS mattress.

For long-lasting nights!

Camel wool

Precious material in Europe since the dawn of time.

Made of rather hollow fibers, camel wool is a very light natural fiber that has an insulating and thermoregulating character. Because of its natural softness, in the past doctors even recommended camel wool in the treatment of pain, such as arthritis, neuralgia or rheumatism.

Among its many qualities, camel wool has a high absorbent capacity, almost 30% of human weight in water, without being moistened or wet on contact. This characteristic makes it an ideal filling for people who are allergic to dust mites, which cannot develop in such an environment.

Organic cotton or organic cotton

The organic cotton is produced and certified according to the standards of organic agriculture.

Its production preserves the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural, rather than artificial, production processes. The cultivation of organic cotton does not use any toxic products or GMOs. Cotton has excellent properties for ventilation and brings freshness and breathability to the mattress. Its elasticity gives a soft feeling. Bonnet participates resolutely in the preservation of our world of tomorrow.

For more ethical nights!


The most precious and most noble material.

Silk is produced by the caterpillar of certain butterflies, the silkworm. The filament of its cocoon is very fine and very regular. It is a highly courted precious material. Very light, fluid, sensual and delicate, silk also has the property of being extremely resistant. Thanks to its isothermal properties, silk absorbs humidity, insulates in winter and refreshes in summer..

For precious, airy nights!

Natural latex

Latex, a friend who wants you well.

Latex is an elastic material elaborated by transforming a vegetable juice produced by the rubber tree. The transformation of the material is mainly carried out in Asia. The label “100% natural latex” requires a minimum of 85% natural latex (hevea milk) in the product. It is used in bedding to make quality mattresses and pillows. It provides the mattress with resilience, the ability of the material to return to its original shape. This essential quality allows the mattress to support the body regardless of the sleeper’s sleeping position.

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