Hand-crafted tradition of a bedmaker since 1955

Bonnet Bedding manufacture, materials and Men

Founded in 1955, the Literie Bonnet manufacture has been able to perpetuate the hand-crafted tradition of bedding throughout the years. Its size and its family roots preserve an independence to select the best materials, and out the time required for a thorough execution.

Our collections have always been excellent as they come from a mix between high-end technologies and crafted techniques As a result, every single piece is gathered and finished in France, respecting strict rules of luxurious bedding manufacture.

Mattress makers make their products from craft, cabinetmakers use solid woods for the bed bases. They will then be covered by the upholsterers. There is one particular goal to this process: an unforgettable experience on a Bonnet bedding

You are the center of all our concern

Because we spend about 1/3 of our lives doing it, bed production deserves all our attention. Our customer’s satisfaction is what drives us to always offer you the best.
Innovation and research play a big part in it. We are mostly led by our faith and our love for the craft. Our quest is tomeet your expectations and to anticipate your desires. We will welcome you with the greatest pleasure in our showroom as well as our factory, so you are able to discover the Literie Bonnet.

Since 1955

  • 1955

    Maurice Bonnet creates the first bed base manufacturing workshop in Besançon. Very quickly, the workshop is modernized, in particular by the acquisition of the first pneumatic hammer nailers. The production increases very quickly.

  • 1956

    One of the first balance sheets.

  • 1960

    The Factory integrates the manufacture of its own brand mattresses.

  • 1980

    Life size sleep with the birth of the NATEXA line of natural mattresses.

  • 1990

    Your body remembers… The memory foam revolutionized the night of sleepers looking for comfort without pressure.

  • 2010

    The workshop settles a few kilometers from Besançon on its new 2300 m2 site, thus equipping itself with a production tool that lives up to its ambitions.

  • 2017

    Integration of a woodworking factory.

  • 2019

    Opening of a showroom in Paris.