Sleep cycles for good sleep

Literie Bonnet, a bedding manufacturer since 1955, produces custom-made mattresses and bed bases in Besançon. Although sleeping on a quality, handmade mattress is essential, sleep remains a complex element to master.

Sleep is essential for recovery, following the physical and intellectual efforts of the day. Sleep is made up of several successive cycles and each cycle includes 3 main phases: light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.
Light sleep is the gateway to sleep and corresponds to the falling asleep phase. The heart rate slows down, and the body temperature drops.
This is followed by deep sleep. It is during this phase of the cycle that we recover the most from accumulated fatigue. The whole body is at rest and the body repairs and rebuilds tissue, builds bones and muscles and strengthens the immune system.
During REM sleep we dream the most. Brain activity is intense: the brain sorts and reorganizes the information accumulated during the day, stimulating the areas of the brain that help with learning. Eye movements are rapid: the eyes move in all directions but send no visual information to the brain.
A cycle lasts about 90 minutes and sleep consists of several successive cycles (4 to 6). As we age, sleep becomes less deep, and the duration of sleep is shorter. In order to respect your sleep cycles, a healthy lifestyle and regular and not too late bedtimes are essential.

And of course, you need bedding that is adapted to your sleep. Remember to change it when you need to. Literie Bonnet welcomes you to its bedding shops in Besançon and Paris, where you will find bed bases, mattresses and headboards, all handmade in our French workshops.

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